Pregnancy Belly Balm

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Natural pregnancy Belly Balm Moisturising Goodness from Boommama.

Midwifery formulated with natural organic ingredients.

As your bump grows your skin is stretching, Boommama’s Natural Pregnancy Belly Balm is full of moisturising goodness. Organic, with pregnancy-safe ingredients, free from essential oils to avoid sensitivities. Belly Balm is created by Boommama Midwife, Sharon and is formulated to nourish and support your amazing growing belly and to help ease itching and reduce stretch marks. With ingredients that are super moisturising such as organic olive, jojoba, and coconut oils, best of all, it has a hint of that summer smell of the beach!


Hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, penetrates and moisturises deep into the skin layer. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E and F with oils containing potassium and lecithin, which work to support healing in very dry, irritated, or scarred skin. A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential for developing normal dermal properties of the skin.

  • Compact in size, so you can always have it close by!
  • No mess
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Ethically handmade with love in Australia in small batches using Australian ingredients
  • Eco-conscious, recyclable packaging


32 reviews for Pregnancy Belly Balm

  1. Nadia J.

    I needed something to help with irritation and this was perfect!

  2. Shay F.

    I can already feel a difference from using a few times!

  3. Jen G.

    Very convenient for use and the ingredients are great

  4. Rya K.

    I love how moisturizing it is, it makes my skin so soft

  5. Beth V.

    This balm is so softening for my skin and keeps it moisturized!

  6. Drea B.

    I love the natural ingredients. You can tell the difference it makes

  7. Serah T.

    Once I started with this I have never stopped!! My belly loves me for it :)

  8. Anna L.

    Very portable which is great because of how much I use it!!

  9. Flora B.

    This helped my stretch marks so much. I also love the natural vitamins and ingredients in the balm.

  10. Mya L.

    One of my favorite products!! So simple and makes my skin feel so soft!

  11. Alina B.

    Using this everyday while pregnant and it has made all the difference in how my skin feels

  12. Kelsey P.

    My belly had been hurting from the stretching and irritation but with this everyday I am feeling much better !

  13. Nessa G.

    I was worried about my skin during pregnancy but having this has been a lifesaver!!

  14. Brooke N.

    Amazing product, I recommend to anyone with dry or irritated skin

  15. Olive A.

    The application is so smooth it feels very soft on my skin which I love

  16. Lexi B.

    I’m obsessed with using this all the time it’s so fun to use and makes my belly feel so moisturized even when in pain!

  17. Gina F.

    Love this so much I started using it on other parts of my skin lol!

  18. Bella H.

    I often struggled with irritation from my belly stretching while pregnant my first time, now this time I’ve discovered this and it is truly magical! It softens my skin and keeps it that way. Reapplying is also so easy and it has a nice scent!

  19. Una H.

    It glides perfectly over my stomach!! Instant relief

  20. Gracie H.

    Definitely my best purchase- I actually use it every single day

  21. Dani B.

    If you haven’t tried this it is a MUST! This helped soothe my skin so much!

  22. Jaz P.

    The absolute best balm!!

  23. Veronica

    My belly balm is my best friend.

  24. Kira

    I had so many skin problems when I was pregnant and this saved my skin. Its very nourishing and moisturizing, perfect to throw in my bag at all times.

  25. Laura

    Thank god for this balm. As a sensitive person, the ingredients are natural so I don’t have an reactions to them. My skin is doing so much better.

  26. Kim

    I’ve needed this for a while and after finally buying it, I can feel immediately feel a difference in my skin.

  27. Gina

    I love using this everyday because it works instantly.

  28. Bella

    I honestly really love the belly balm, it healed my stretched and cracked skin after just 2 uses.

  29. Zora G

    Whenever I use this, it glides on so smoothly, and it is so easy to apply. I love the way it is made!

  30. Kyla

    I love this so much, I started using it everywhere when my skin gets dry in the winter, like my elbows. I really love this.

  31. Naomi

    so easy to apply! it is so convenient in this form.

  32. Deepa

    I received this as a gift and then bought several more because of how well it works!!

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