Cedarwood & Lavender Roll-on Oil (Amethyst)

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Protection | Cleansing | Intuition – Cedarwood & Lavender  

This portable wellness companion is infused with the calming properties of amethyst, promoting sleep, offering spiritual protection, and enhancing intuition.


21 reviews for Cedarwood & Lavender Roll-on Oil (Amethyst)

  1. Karin. W

    The roll-on oils infused with crystals are nothing short of magical. I’ve been using mine daily, and it’s incredible how grounded and balanced I feel.

  2. Myra O.

    I feel so refreshed and grounded truly after a few uses of this.

  3. Dillon G.

    I love that it is so good for my skin! You can really feel it!

  4. Jessica F.

    Everyday I use this without fail!

  5. Sandy R.

    I can’t wait to buy more!!

  6. Kalycia F.

    Honestly so calming and love how it looks, the package is beautiful

  7. Iris N.

    I always have multiple in my bags. Such a great idea.

  8. Ori G.

    Can’t get enough of this! I am already running out

  9. Olive R.

    I am actually am obsessed with this, it is the perfect little dose of self care!

  10. Sara P.

    I needed something like this, It is small but keeps me balanced.

  11. Wren F.

    My favorite go to these days!

  12. Arabella

    The lavender is so refreshing and wonderful.

  13. Sarah

    Such a lovely refreshing scent! This aroma is great and I love using it daily.

  14. Ilya

    My ultimate favorite product from here! I have each of the scents and they are lovely

  15. Rena

    I think this is my favorite! I pull it out all day long!

  16. Bonnie

    I’m amazed by this roll on oil! I think it’s perfectly portable, convenient, and smells great

  17. Linnea

    I really love the smell , the lavender is heavenly.

  18. Sade

    Such a cute size and great applicator, the roll on is so soft

  19. MJ

    i want to buy so many more, i cant go anywhere without it :)

  20. Kira

    I have never seen something like this before, I like it so much 😊

  21. Jessie

    Wonderful product, amazing that it is crystal roller.

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