Crystal Infused Roll-on Oils

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Experiencing hectic days filled with stress? We have the perfect moment of calm for you! Discover our Crystal Infused Roll-On Oils, uniquely blended with natural ingredients and crystal energy to enhance your well-being. This essential addition to your self-care routine provides physical and emotional relief. With avocado oil for skin nourishment and a crystal roller for smooth application, experience healing benefits anytime, anywhere.

Why Choose Crystal Infused Roll-On Oils?

Choosing our oils means embracing a holistic approach to well-being. Here’s why you should incorporate them into your routine:

Our roll-on oils feature pure, natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and body. The avocado oil base deeply moisturizes and nourishes, while the polished crystal roller ensures a smooth, luxurious application. Easy to use whenever you need calm, these oils offer both convenience and effectiveness. The elegant bottle is functional and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for carrying in your purse or displaying on your vanity.

Cedarwood & Lavender (Amethyst)
Protection | Cleansing | Intuition

Sandalwood & Opopanax (Aventurine)
Self-confidence l Luck l Prosperity

Rose & Neroli (Rose Quartz)
Pure Love | Compassion | Harmony



31 reviews for Crystal Infused Roll-on Oils

  1. BritneyK

    Essential oils enhance energy and vibrations and combined with the crystals , its just amazingggg :)

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