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ENROUSH Liners – Make the most of every day with the extra protection you need to feel fresh & clean! Organic Cotton Liners that are so soft you’ll forget you’re wearing one! One box contains 24 pads.

Any woman knows that her body works non-stop and leaks can happen any day, not just during her period. Be it sweat, the daily discharge or spotting, you need your intimate area dry & clean at any given time in your cycle. So this is when ENROUSH barely-there Organic Cotton Top Sheet Liners comes in handy.

Plus, they are the “friend in need” to give you extra security during heavy period days when you use an internal protection and they are mighty enough to absorb the light flow at the beginning or end of your period.

ENROUSH organic liners are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton top sheet and natural plant-based core, are hypoallergenic, gynecologist approved, and gentle to the skin for a healthy daily protection and freshness.

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Top Sheet

Gynecologist Approved


Chlorine free



26 reviews for Liners

  1. Maria G.

    These are so soft and I’m happy they are helping the environment too

  2. Natasha H.

    I can’t believe I did not switch to these earlier. I completely recommend!

  3. Leah F.

    These are so soft you don’t even notice you’re wearing them! No more irritation or discomfort. I will definitely repurchase.

  4. Kayla P.

    best liners ever! very discreet and thin but works so well!!

  5. Diane W.

    These liners have switched me to all the Enroush products! They are amazing and so great for the environment.

  6. Ria B.

    Perfect for me as I need hypoallergenic products, I also love that they are all cotton and no extra chemicals.

  7. Daniella V.

    The best liners I’ve ever used! And so many of them come in the pack!

  8. Marin I.

    Super gentle on my skin which I love!

  9. Marin I.

    Very gentle on the skin which is the best. The package also came quickly which I am very glad about!

  10. India P.

    As an environmentally conscious individual, I was happy to learn that it is a plant based product! Many other brands are not so I will be buying more from here!

  11. Charlie P.

    I now use this all the time, Enroush is my favorite!

  12. Hannah I.

    These liners are like no other, they are so comfy and I love the material

  13. Jess O.

    I think the enroush liners are the best, for the environment and for me!

  14. Paula D.

    Its a wonder how soft these are, I can barely feel them!

  15. Jaden P.

    Whenever I use these for extra security they never fail me

  16. Greta P.

    my absolute favorite product!

  17. Gina H.

    The comfort I have with these is amazing!

  18. Tracy J.

    As someone who wants to be environmentally friendly these are my favorite!

  19. Mila O.

    So thin and perfect!!

  20. Paula T.

    I’m sooo happy to have found this.

  21. Hannah B.

    The best liners for my periods when I need a little more security!

  22. Kayla

    These liners are fantastic. They are very soft!

  23. Hannah J.

    I always come back and reorder more!!

  24. Rachel

    Im absolutely in love! these are now my go to for whenever I want that extra protection.

  25. Bella

    I recommend these to all my friends they are the nicest liners! I love this brand!

  26. Tori B.

    Such a great and sustainable product. They are really wonderful.

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