Organic Pads

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ENROUSH Organic Pads –  A new generation of pads designed with your body in mind.  Made ultra-thin but super-absorbent to keep you dry and comfy all period long. 

If you want that full night protection or an easy to use & on-the-go support, just choose the ENROUSH organic pads, they are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton top sheet and chlorine-free natural absorbent core to offer you the full protection you need and the transparency you deserve.

No chemicals & no hidden ingredients. The Genius Core Technology inside prevents accidental leaks and perfectly fits your natural curves. So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing one!

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Top Sheet

Gynecologist Approved


Chlorine free



33 reviews for Organic Pads

  1. Lyra N.

    I love that these are organic, they are perfect

  2. Aria B.

    Super effective, no spills!!

  3. Amber D.

    These are now my top choice for comfort and the environment I love them!

  4. Hailey V.

    Love that these are leakproof!

  5. Dalia B.

    I needed something that was safe for individuals with sensitivities and I’ve found it! Great purchase.

  6. Maria V.

    These pads are my new favorite things! They support very well and I never have to worry!

  7. Nina A.

    My biggest issue has always been leaks. Safe to say since I’ve been using these I haven’t experienced any at all! Truly in love!

  8. Xara B.

    Incredible product! Completely organic and great for the environment!

  9. Vera O.

    Amazing product, so soft and secure

  10. Mya O.

    These are my favorite pads!

  11. Sana P.

    Perfect for the environment and perfect for me :)

  12. Jada O.

    Switching to organic pads have made the biggest difference for me!

  13. Esther F.

    The best pads on the market! I swear by them.

  14. Abigail B.

    Please buy these they are so fantastic! I have noticed a great change in how my body reacts compared to other pads.

  15. Anna V.

    Wonderful price for the quality and quantity of the product

  16. Jessie H.

    Love how many come in a pack! Also so great for the environment.

  17. Pam I.

    Extremely happy I’ve bought these! They are so lightweight and work amazingly

  18. Desiree C.

    I won’t go back to any other brand after trying this!

  19. Nina J.

    These pads are truly something special!

  20. Clara O.

    Found these and now I’m obsessed. Truly my go to!

  21. Alexandria H.

    Can’t wait to order more and try the other products!

  22. Samantha I

    Comfortable and secure!

  23. Jade M

    Love these pads, they are sustainable and so soft

  24. MARSHA

    These have changed everything for me, I really think everyone should try these!

  25. Terri H

    I have been looking for the perfect pad for so long and I believe I have finally found it

  26. Rita

    Such a great product, this pad works wonders

  27. Danielle

    I always use these when I am on my period and there is such a difference

  28. Diana

    Really phenomenal these pads are the comfiest I have worn

  29. Evie

    Always impressed when I use these, I also love that they are helping the environment

  30. Gita

    Can’t wait to try more of these, they are so great

  31. Linda

    I tried these for the first time, and this is actually so wonderful

  32. Martha

    Must try for anyone looking for something safe and organic

  33. Emma

    Super comfy, no hassle of readjusting like other menstrual products! 100% recommend – easy to use and soft. I got the normal and heavy flow pads, both were perfect!

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