Personal Massager Celesse

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Celesse is a waterproof massager with a smooth flattened tip specially designed for focused internal stimulation. It reaches your G-spot, making it perfect for solo play. This is the ideal device for exploring the depths of pleasure in a safe and fun way. This hand-held vibrating massager is intuitively controlled with a lockable, 3-button interface that offers complete control over vibration and intensity. Celesse is here to help you reach the peak.

  • 6 rhythmic vibration modes
  • 8 vibration speeds
  • Fully waterproof
  • Body-safe, phthalate-free silicone
  • 1-year warranty
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries to operate (not included in the package)


20 reviews for Personal Massager Celesse

  1. Hana M.

    I’ve tried others but this is the best I’ve ever had!! I am thrilled!

  2. Chloe B.

    Simply magical. I cannot recommend enough!

  3. Dana L.

    Completely obsessed!

  4. Danielle G.

    The number of different modes is incredible!

  5. Gina C.

    Super easy to use and clean! Loving it!

  6. Whitney D.

    You will definitely not regret this purchase! I am so pleased!

  7. Addison S.

    Lovely shape and size!

  8. Reina H.

    Love it for myself! Very reliable and works well!

  9. Vida O.

    I think all women should try this it’s fabulous!

  10. Sana T.

    I am so impressed, it’s the best I’ve ever had.

  11. Reese A.

    Efficient and effective!!

  12. Julia N.

    I can’t even describe how great it is- you simply MUST try it!

  13. Phoebe D.

    Best thing I’ve ever bought for myself

  14. Melissa V.

    The design is perfect and I love the different speeds

  15. Brianna D.

    The experience is amazing! I’m mind blown!

  16. Faith T.

    Receiving this package was the best! Everything was so nicely done and I love my product

  17. Charlie A.

    You will not regret this purchase at all! I am so obsessed!

  18. Paula N.

    I absolutely love this one, it makes me so happy!

  19. Diana B.

    This massager is such a good one I completely love it !!

  20. Elizabeth N.

    Honestly the best investment I’ve made for myself

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