Pelvic Floor Trainer KegelSmart2

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Unleash the power of scientifically backed pelvic fitness with the KegelSmart™ 2, a revolutionary pelvic floor trainer clinically proven to double your pelvic strength in just 12 weeks. It’s not just about strength – this little device also promotes enhanced bladder control, and improves vaginal tightness and tone. KegelSmart™ 2 uses touch sensors to register your pelvic strength and determine your exercise level. The intelligent biofeedback program will automatically adjust the level as your strength improves over time. Developed with gynecologists and made with the smoothest medical-grade ABS silicone that’s 100% body-safe. Try KegelSmart™ 2; its guided exercises will help with bladder control, enhanced sexual sensitivity, and regaining post-birth vaginal tightness. The pelvic floor trainer comes with a rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery with 200mAh and a charger.


2 reviews for Pelvic Floor Trainer KegelSmart2

  1. Jessica D.

    A great investment, I’m thrilled with my results!

  2. Mia K.

    Super discreet and powerful. This has made such a difference for me!!

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