Breast & Chest Reusable Ice/Heat Packs

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A set of soft, moldable ice/heat packs specially designed to surround the nipple and provide instant and sustained relief from the tenderness and tightness associated with engorgement, breastfeeding, surgery and more. Each pack measures 8 inches in diameter for full coverage and can be easily folded for stowing or toting. Nyssa Care recommends having 2 sets on hand during your Fourth Trimester— one for storing in the freezer to alleviate tenderness and swelling and one for heating to ease engorgement.


1 Set: 1 left and 1 right ice/heat packs.

  • Empathetically designed to fit around the nipple and provide direct relief from engorgement, breastfeeding, surgery and more.
  • Each pack measures 8 inches in diameter for complete coverage of any size breast or chest.
  • Foldable shape and soft woven plastic fabric outer layer with Nyssa’s signature pattern by Kit Agar.
  • Microwaveable for heat therapy and freezable for cooling relief.


20 reviews for Breast & Chest Reusable Ice/Heat Packs

  1. Betelgeuse89


  2. Kat G.

    Great, one can be cold and the other warm which is perfect for me

  3. Sarah L.

    These are fantastic!

  4. Nia M.

    Extremely impressed by these pads I cannot recommend them to anyone enough!

  5. Emily O.

    Such a wonderful idea. I use these many times a day!

  6. Lane H.

    I’m so happy about these packs! They have made it much easier to deal with any pain or irritation I have. Definitely worth it!

  7. Jess J.

    They can either be heated or cooled and it’s my favorite thing ever!!

  8. Jada Y.

    I am so glad I bought these! They give me instant relief!

  9. Penny O.

    These came so quickly and I’m so grateful I bought them. They are easy to pack and make such a difference!

  10. Olivia J.

    Great idea, I’m impressed by how they work

  11. Katie D.

    Loving these as they are so convenient

  12. Danica A.

    So happy with these, they are fantastic

  13. Erin A.

    I reuse these multiple times a day and they are perfect!

  14. Carrie O.

    I think all new moms need to try this, it has changed everything for me.

  15. Hannah O.

    Everything about these is so cute and perfect. They fit so nicely.

  16. Katie H

    After I had my son I began to use these and they help SO much! I had tender skin from feeding all the time but this is really a a relief!

  17. Greta

    Thank goodness for these, they have saved me. My pain is now manageable

  18. Caroline

    Lovely breast pads, they can be iced or heated. I do both and they are amazing.

  19. Justine B.

    Best breast pads I’ve been using for a while! Now I use these everyday!

  20. Augusta

    My favorite postpartum purchase.. I’m very glad for these, they are a lifesaver!

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