FourthWear Postpartum Bralette

(19 customer reviews)

A new mom/parent essential! Nyssa Care Super soft, nursing and pumping-friendly bralette uniquely designed with interior chest pockets to securely hold ice or heat packs over the entire breast for relief from engorgement and the discomfort associated with feeding, pumping, weaning, or lactation suppression. Their dual-layer pocket design provides a protective fabric barrier between ice or heat and sensitive breast tissue.



  • Criss-cross front is nursing/pumping-friendly and makes ice/heat pack insertion and removal a breeze.
  • Hugs your back, breasts, and sides without the irritation of seams, clasps, or wires.
  • Made with super stretchy, eco-friendly fabric.

Comfortably conforms to changing postpartum figures.


19 reviews for FourthWear Postpartum Bralette

  1. Melanie P.

    Helped me so much when I needed something soothing and comfortable after birth, I still use it now!

  2. Nia J.

    This is very innovative and I love how I can use heating or cooling with it

  3. Jan O.

    I love how comfortable this is!

  4. Olivia P.

    I am amazed by how nicely designed this is, it’s wonderful and soft

  5. Julian H.

    one of my favorite things is that this still allows me to pump while wearing!

  6. Nyah P.

    This bra is basically seamless which is a dream!!

  7. Bridget K.

    I wear this all day and the comfort is fabulous. I never want to take it off!

  8. Frida H.

    Best purchase since I’ve had my baby, new mothers should definitely try this.

  9. Bia S.

    Absolutely impressed! Great bra and it has full support.

  10. Aubrey V.

    I’ve needed something like this for my other pregnancies and now am so glad I found this!

  11. Sana G.

    This bralette is fantastic, amazing for nursing while wearing.

  12. Erin B.

    I think I’ve found the best bra I’ve ever had..

  13. Nadia G.

    Wearing this almost everyday since I’ve received it..it is just so comfortable!

  14. Banks F.

    This bralette has helped me so much post partum!

  15. Evelyn

    I like that it is pumping friendly. It is also perfect because I have room for ice packs when my breasts need a break

  16. Kim

    Fits SO perfectly. I was so shocked. I ordered like 2 more just in case.

  17. Clara

    The material is amazing, it is stretchy but very comfortable fitting. I can wear this while I nurse which is great.

  18. Mia

    I am glad this is seamless!! the comfort is astounding.

  19. Kayla

    I use this almost everyday, without shame because its the most comfortable thing I have had in a long time

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