VieWear Period Comfort Underwear

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Nyssa Care VieWear is the world’s first period pain therapy underwear— uniquely designed to hold ice or heat over the lower abdomen to conquer cramps and bloating. It comes equipped with a seamless, no-show interior to pocket to hold Nyssa Care sleek Uterine Ice/Heat Packs in place and close to the body. No one will know your traveling heat therapy secret but you!

VieWear Underwear is 100% BCI organic cotton lined to hold pads and liners in place and provide an extra layer of natural, moisture-wicking protection from leaks and overflow.  In womanhood— leaks, pain and discomfort happen— c’est la VieWear!



  • Discreetly holds an ice or heat pack against the lower abdomen and back through an interior front pocket.
  • Has a widened gusset and full-coverage BCI organic cotton lining to hold pads in place and/or absorb the occasional leak or overflow. Does not contain any additional absorption material.
  • Outer body made from premium 4-way stretch fabric that securely holds ice or heat therapy against your body.
  • Sleek lines, hip-hugging style, and soft seam construction for ultimate comfort.


21 reviews for VieWear Period Comfort Underwear

  1. Kaia B.

    I love the discreet design to hold my heating pack. This has changed everything for me

  2. Lisa H.

    Perfectly contains leaks and is so comfortable.

  3. Fran G.

    This is the greatest thing ever! it holds my ice pack when I need it and it is so sleek.

  4. Vera M.

    Thanks to this I have relief all day! :)

  5. Elena G.

    lovely underwear, feels so soft and comfy

  6. Jane I.

    I enjoy using with heat packs, works wonderfully

  7. Lane J.

    Extremely satisfied with my purchase, I love it!

  8. Kyra P.

    This is so perfect for days when I need to deal with my period !

  9. Justine l.

    What an amazing product. Designed very well to support me while on my period

  10. Alex A.

    I recommend it to all my friends, it is perfect for extra comfort when I need it.

  11. Polly O.

    Super thrilled to use these whenever I get my period because of how nice and soft it is!

  12. Vera O.

    I love my new underwear !

  13. Priya H.

    I feel so comfortable all day in these!

  14. Gemma P.

    The best period product I have!

  15. Rebecca K.

    I am overjoyed with my purchase, thank you!

  16. Sara O.

    Super secure and I can use it with my heating pad!

  17. Fran

    This is very comfortable and saves me from leaks.

  18. Flora

    Amazing! Saves me from spills and is very comfortable / discreet under my clothing.

  19. Christina

    Thank goodness I’ve bought these. I needed something exactly like this and this has exceeded my expectations

  20. Diane

    Lovely underwear, my new favorite pair. I look for these whenever I want extra support.

  21. Michelle

    Finally, something that actually works!! They are just perfect for those days when you need it!

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