Sandalwood & Opopanax Roll-on Oil (Aventurine)

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Sandalwood & Opopanax – Self-confidence l Luck l Prosperity
This portable wellness companion is infused with the empowering energies of aventurine. It attracts self-confidence, luck, and prosperity.


26 reviews for Sandalwood & Opopanax Roll-on Oil (Aventurine)

  1. Sarah F.

    The oil glides on smoothly, and the crystal rollerball adds a luxurious touch. The blend of essential oils is perfect – not too overpowering but pleasantly aromatic.

  2. Maria O.

    I love this oil, the scent is amazing and relaxing!

  3. Lia M.

    Perfect for on the go touchups, I am so happy!

  4. Bia M.

    Seriously obsessed with this, I especially love the crystals

  5. Paris I.

    What an amazing idea and product! I bought multiple.

  6. Frida P.

    My absolute favorite product!

  7. Dasha O.

    I enjoy how easy it is to roll on, the scent as well is very unqiue and relaxing.

  8. Mandy K.

    I love using this to freshen up and feel better throughout my day, it is so convenient.

  9. Taylor D.

    Super simple to use and carry around, I love it!!

  10. Fareeda G.

    This makes such a great gift, I bought it for my sister and she loved it so much I came to buy another for me!

  11. Lina

    The best part of my day is using this!

  12. Walla H.

    Hands down, I use this like every hour because I love it so much

  13. Molly P.

    I want to try each of the scents!

  14. Sondra H.

    I really can’t believe these are not sold out yet!!

  15. Yara M.

    I love that I feel so calm and relaxed after using.

  16. Maira F.

    I am super glad this product has found me, I will never go back to life without it! The roll on feels amazing and smooth, and the scent is very healing

  17. Avia

    Always reliable for a calming sensation

  18. Fran C.

    The aventurine is so beautiful I feel lucky when I carry this

  19. Gracie M.

    So in love with this little roll on!!

  20. Nessa

    Perfect for those who want a bit of extra self care in their routine

  21. Maggie R.

    My first time buying something like this and I really like it, it is perfect for me and to bring places

  22. Gem

    I cant express how happy I am with my roll on oil, it is so cute and the aroma is very refreshing. The oil also is very moisturizing. I love the ingredients. Thank you!!

  23. Stella

    I actually use this so much I am already running out! I hope they never sell out!

  24. Erin

    I can feel the power of the aventurine, I love this product so much!

  25. Lana

    The sandalwood is absolutely lovely, I recommend this to everyone to try.

  26. Nora

    My favorite scent and my favorite crystal, it is almost too good!

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