Kit – Vaginal G-spot Massager

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Looking for the perfect partner to start or wind down your day? The Oh Collective got you: Kit is a multi-speed, waterproof, body-safe, and super bendy internal vibrator with a USB charger. Kit’s 8 different vibration and speed modes ensure that it can cater to anybody and any sensation that you are looking for. Its flexible body is ideal for penetrative, clitoral, and external stimulation. The bendy vibe is fool-proof and only features 1 one/off button that you can simultaneously use to switch up patterns.

Cosmopolitan UK: Best vibrator to use with a partner.


18 reviews for Kit – Vaginal G-spot Massager

  1. Gemma P.

    So versatile and delightful. Very worth it

  2. Jordyn A.

    Such a sleek and discreet design. I love everything about it and it is easy to clean.

  3. Greta K.

    Absolutely love how it feels!

  4. Linnea V.

    My partner and I enjoy using this one! It’s fantastic :)

  5. Teresa B.

    I like that there are many settings!! Keeps it interesting!

  6. Kia D.

    One of my first times using one of these and I am mindblown!! I recommend to all!!

  7. Frieda J.

    Wow, it’s so soft and works wonders!

  8. Una T.

    My favorite thing is how quiet and comfortable it is 😊

  9. Imani J.

    I’m so happy with this one because it’s waterproof!

  10. Nina T.

    Doesn’t take a long time to charge which is convenient! And it works strongly regardless of the power! I am obsessed!

  11. Kim H.

    Anyone looking for something satisfying but quiet and strong I think you will love this as much as I do!

  12. Rasha P.

    This is absolutely amazing!! It helps me relax after long days

  13. Jo G.

    You need to try this if you haven’t ! Everything about it is perfect 😊

  14. Samantha L.

    Lovely product, my husband loves it as much as I do!

  15. Mia D.

    I enjoy the multiple settings a lot. They work wonderfully.

  16. Gabby U.

    Unique shape works great. Definitely a great purchase.

  17. Beth K.

    Trust me- you need to try this! I truly was amazed by the settings and its power.

  18. Jess K.

    Extremely versatile. Great strength!

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