Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

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If you have already made the sustainable switch to Menstrual Cups, then you would definitely need a Menstrual Cup Sanitiser to keep your Menstrual Cup surviving for a longer duration. Keep your cup clean and stored hygienically in the most pocket- friendly, convenient and portable device for proper sanitisation and storage. Simply pour boiled water into it and soak your Menstrual Cup for 4-5 minutes or directly add water with your Menstrual Cup and pop in the Microwave for 3-4 minutes at the highest temperature setting. Ta- Da! You have a squeaky-clean Menstrual Cup ready till the next cycle


27 reviews for Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

  1. Zoe R.

    Quick and easy I love it!

  2. Hannah M.

    I’m impressed with how easy this is to use!!

  3. Gabby O.

    This sterilizer is extremely convenient!!

  4. Karen B.

    Honestly so happy I bought this, it makes cleaning so much easier.

  5. Tammy I.

    I store it in here and it makes using it much more simple until my next cycle!

  6. Ellie S.

    Love that I can put it in the microwave!

  7. Freya B.

    This is so simple and works quick which is what I need

  8. Dana O.

    The best sterilizer I’ve ever used!

  9. Annie O.

    Extremely convenient and easy to clean.

  10. Laya I.

    Such a wonderful idea, I love the silicone it is easy to use!

  11. Mia V.

    My go to whenever I am on my period!

  12. Grace G.

    Love using this! It never feels like a chore.

  13. Rachel A.

    Can’t believe I’ve gone so long without this!

  14. Fran O.

    I’m soo impressed by this sterilizer I have never seen anything like it!!

  15. Kayla G.

    This is by far my favorite purchase from YON E Global!

  16. Beth I.

    Every woman should try this with their menstrual cups, its a game changer.

  17. Serah O.

    What an incredible product!

  18. Lola P.

    Absolutely the best cleaner I’ve ever tried.

  19. Mary D.

    I’m so glad I have this, it makes life so easy!

  20. June H.

    This sterilizer is my favorite thing to use!

  21. Anne B.

    This is so quick and simple to use! I’m so glad!

  22. Kyla K.

    Works wonders when I use it !

  23. Franny B.

    The best I’ve ever used. Thank you!

  24. Zooey I.

    Absolutely love this for when I need it

  25. Arthi P.

    The material is great! I use this whenever I use my cup and it always works fast and easy with no mess!

  26. Shen Y.

    Extremely impressed by using this!

  27. Lupita M.

    Wow, my first time using one of these and it has changed everything. My order also came quick!

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