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Stand And Pee Sticks

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Stand and pee anywhere: TWC made in India stand and pee stick is your solution to finding an easy, hygienic way of using the washroom without having to worry about UTIs in public restrooms.

Skin Friendly: Ergonomically designed, made of multilayered paper and not plastic, it fits perfectly and does not cause irritation.

Ease Of Use: It is portable and can fit in a purse or a pocket. Open easily and can be disposed off after use.

Eco Friendly: It is made of natural material hence eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Package Contents: Pack of 20 Urinal Device


  1. Stand and pee urination stick that offers a hygienic way of using unknown washrooms.
  2. Aids in the prevention of UTIs and other infections caused by toilet seats.
  3. Ergonomically designed to avoid leakage or spillage.
  4. Lightweight, portable and easy to use.
  5. Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.
  6. Ideal for women, pregnant women, travellers, etc.
  7. Pack contents: This pack contains 10 disposable funnels.


7 reviews for Stand And Pee Sticks

  1. Lily D.

    Finally I do not have to worry anymore, love how hygienic this is!

  2. Grace L.

    These are genius I’m so happy I have them!!

  3. Stella

    I often carry these when I need to go to a concert or even camping, they are very efficient and help me so much

  4. Carol

    i use these when I need to be hygienic in a space I am not comfortable using, they are perfect

  5. Nicki

    Super portable so I can always make sure I have them on me

  6. Lena

    I am so happy I have these, I really think they are innovative and it is amazing they are biodegradable!

  7. Briana

    Very glad these are good for the environment!

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