Uterine Reusable Ice Heat packs

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Nyssa Care is the first ice/heat pack that is uniquely contoured to fit over women’s lower abdomen and uterus where the symptoms of period, endometriosis, and postpartum pains originate. Measures 8.5 inches in length and less than 0.25 inches in thickness so that it provides full, effective coverage while also being comfortable and ‘barely there’ inside the pocket of Nyssa Care VieWear or FourthWear underwear.


1 reusable uterine ice/heat pack.

  • Extra-long, contoured shape to sit below the natural curvature of a woman’s belly and deliver targeted heat therapy to the uterus and ovaries, allowing free movement and comfort while sitting.
  • Made with a uniquely lightweight, premium soft gel interior that delivers penetrative ice/heat therapy.
  • Features a soft, hygienic woven plastic fabric outer layer with Nyssa’s signature pattern by Kaye Blegvad.

Microwaveable for heat therapy and freezable for cooling relief.


21 reviews for Uterine Reusable Ice Heat packs

  1. Naomi K.

    The comfort I now feel on my periods is amazing. And since it is reusable this is such a great investment!

  2. Sam O.

    I love this reusable pack so much. You must try it!!

  3. Karin S.

    I have endometriosis and this really helped ease the pain!

  4. Liza v. H.

    Finally a company who is focusing on endometriosis and breaks taboos! I love this product. So easy to use as well.

  5. Poala C.

    I bought this for my daughter because she has so much pain on a monthly basis and it definitely eased her pain. Thank you YON E!

  6. Wendy H.

    I’m currently in the middle of my postpartum journey and I must tell you that this is working wonderful! It helps me soften the pressure and pain I experience.

  7. Xandra K.

    Thank you!!! First of all I LOVE the packaging that my order is shipped in. All sustainable and biodegradable, amazing! But on top of that, my pain is so much less! I can actually go around and continue my days while being on my period.

  8. Roos L.

    It’s so comfortable and easy to use! The quality of the product is also really good!

  9. Lola H.

    Can we take a second on the amazing shipment packaging! YON E is a new company, but truly focused on education, quality, awareness and natural products! I can’t wait to order more. This definitely helped my pain!

  10. Haley H.

    In one word AMAZING! Truly helped my hard days of pain during my heavy pain. Thank you!

  11. Mara V.

    Absolutely in love with this! Made all my hard days so much better. I can do anything with these on.

  12. Frieda B.

    This has saved me so many times. I always get cramps that make me never want to leave my home. Now, I go everywhere with these and I love that they are discreet!

  13. Gina O.

    This makes my long days seem more bearable. I love that it is reusable too!

  14. Kat J.

    Wow!! My first time trying something like this and it is truly amazing. So convenient and efficient I am in love!

  15. Ana H.

    So versatile for anything I want to use it for!

  16. Tina S.

    Extremely happy with this product – Whenever I don’t feel well it’s my go to! Any pain or cramps are soothed and eased quickly. I love it.

  17. Olivia P.

    Love how light it feels! Also the packaging was beautiful!

  18. Phoebe A.

    Amazed at how it can be used for both ice or heat!

  19. Mae O.

    You must try this, it makes such a difference!

  20. Wren G.

    The best relief I’ve ever felt!

  21. Gabby M.

    Works wonders truly

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