Anxiety Relief Herbal Elixir

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Handcrafted in Tucson by Bhava Wellness. 

Anxiety Away is a helpful tool to help combat stress and anxiety, these supportive herbs help nourish and nurture the nervous system and work in harmony to help take the edge off in moments of unease. Soothing to the mind, it nurtures the nervous system. Supportive in moments of unease, anxiety, and stress.



33 reviews for Anxiety Relief Herbal Elixir

  1. Alex O.

    I feel so much better once using this for my anxiety !

  2. Nina L.

    Simple to use and has great effects.

  3. Jade M.

    I use it daily and it works so great for my anxiety

  4. Andrea B.

    Love how easy to use it is, and convenient

  5. Yolanda G.

    A great product for me whenever I start to feel anxious, I bring it everywhere!

  6. Sophia N.

    Within a few minutes of using I can already feel my anxiety easing away! Such a great product.

  7. Faith L.

    It’s quick to use and I can bring it anywhere with me!

  8. Tasha H.

    I am truly in love with this elixir. The natural ingredients are AMAZING!

  9. Maricel A.

    I’m happy to say I’ve found an amazing product that actually helps my anxiety!

  10. Rebecca K.

    I use this multiple times a day and always feel so much better especially when I start to get stressed!

  11. Gojko Boskovic (verified owner)

    I have severe anxiety and I was always looking for something on a natural bases, this product is doing wonders!! I highly recommend it🙏

  12. Blu O.

    Takes away all my anxiety fast and easy. I am amazed 🤩

  13. Kiri S.

    The herbs used are wonderful I love the natural ingredients so I know what I am putting in my body

  14. Rebecca P.

    One of the best treatments for my anxiety.

  15. Gabriella K

    I regularly use the drops to alleviate my anxiety, and they start to take effect within minutes. Highly recommend!

  16. Afien ebbers (verified owner)

    Super blij met dit product. Wat ze erover zeggen klopt echt. Word er heel rustig van in mijn hoofd en ben veel ontspanender . 👍👍

  17. Denise P.

    Such a great product for my anxiety! Works very quick.

  18. Aliya I.

    TRULY recommend this product. The elixir works fast and is full of great products.

  19. Pauleen A.

    My favorite thing for relaxing my anxiety!

  20. Lana W.

    Totally the best product I’ve used recently. I can see results very quickly!

  21. Muna B.

    I think everyone should try this! The combination of ingredients is amazing

  22. Grace O.

    I look forward to using this it is incredible!

  23. Mila P.

    This eases my anxiety so much, I use it daily!

  24. Veronica

    A reliable way to always ease my anxiety, I carry this with me anywhere!

  25. Jordan

    Actually works better than many other things I have tried, and I have struggled with anxiety for so long!

  26. Kate

    I really enjoy using this because of how simple and effective it is.

  27. Molly

    With this, I never have to worry about my anxiety being unmanageable.

  28. Jane P

    ingredients are all natural which I love, so i know exactly what I am putting in my body!

  29. Jess

    I honestly have changed from medication to using more natural products and I feel a lot better.

  30. Tyra

    Love having this with me throughout the day. The taste is pretty good too so all around a great experience!

  31. Lisa

    I’ve never bought something so fast. And once the package arrived, I was not disappointed at all! It is SO helpful and I continue to use it when I get anxiety attacks throughout the day.

  32. Grace

    This product really lasts a long time and I love that about it. Its well worth the money for an ease of mind.

  33. Frida

    By far one of the only things that help my severe anxiety.

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