Organic Tampons

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ENROUSH Tampons – Tampons are the best choice if you have an active lifestyle (be it professional or recreational) and you are always on the go or you just feel more comfortable with an inside protection during your period.

No matter why you love wearing a tampon just make sure you choose the safest option there is.

ENROUSH tampons are exclusively made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Simple as that. One box contains 16 tampons.

They also use 100% organic cotton to make the string bio-degradable, biodegradable polythene for the individual wrapping of the tampon and recyclable boxes for the packaging. No chemicals & no hidden ingredients.

  • 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Top Sheet
  • Gynecologist Approved
  • Unscented
  • Chlorine free



28 reviews for Organic Tampons

  1. Sam F.

    The comfort I have with these is amazing for such a great price!

  2. Lia M.

    I recommend to anyone looking for a sustainable and safe choice :)

  3. Beth S.

    Such a better alternative to regular brands!

  4. Tara A.

    I love how great they feel, the cotton is so nice

  5. Carrie M.

    Amazing tampons and they are organic cotton!!

  6. Dina G.

    These are fantastic!! With no chemicals or scents they are perfect for those who have sensitivities!

  7. Rissa J.

    I absolutely love that everything, even down to the packaging, is recyclable. This is so important!

  8. Desiree G.

    Great value for the number of tampons you get! I definitely recommend this to all!

  9. Megan H.

    I’ve been looking for something comfortable and fully cotton. These are the best!!

  10. Kayla S.

    Extremely satisfied with my purchase! These are so comfy and I haven’t experienced any pain or leaks as I have with other brands.

  11. Jill G.

    Using these are so perfect for me, they are natural and soft and so very comfortable.

  12. Lucy D.

    My go-to for every period :)

  13. Nina O.

    Best tampons I’ve ever had!

  14. Isabel D.

    I’ve been nervous to try new products but this one WOW. SO great!

  15. Delilah A.

    The best tampons I’ve ever used, truly

  16. Diana B.

    The softest cotton ever! Makes my periods much more bearable.

  17. Eve T.

    Can’t believe I didn’t start using these sooner!

  18. Leah B.

    Extremely satisfied with my purchase :)

  19. Candance

    These are so comfortable. I am amazed.

  20. Bethany G.

    Favorite tampons on the market!

  21. Izzy K.

    Completely in love with these, they are wonderful

  22. Angie B.

    If you use tampons you need to try this! They are soft and so great!

  23. Marcia R.

    Really happy with this, I think I’ll be buying these for a while!

  24. Taylor

    Enroush tampons are always my favorite, so small and light, but very efficient.

  25. Lucy

    These are the perfect size, great idea if you’re looking to switch to a more organic option.

  26. Phoebe

    I can really a difference compared to the other ones I used to use. love that there is no fragrance.

  27. Meredith

    Thank goodness I found these. They are the best!

  28. Rasha

    Enroush tampons are my staple go to!

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