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This reusable, soft, and extremely comfortable cup is made of medical-grade silicone which makes it safe and secure. That’s why Lily Cup One is the ultimate menstrual cup for beginners!

Lily Cup One is here to make things easier for first-time menstrual cup users. It’s convenient and unnoticeable thanks to a discrete case, and it has an extra-firm rim that makes opening and sealing easy-breezy. There is also a removal loop to make sure you won’t panic once you need to remove it. 

Lily Cup One is ideal for those with different flows. Although it is the smallest reusable period cup in Intimina’s range, it covers everything from light to heavier flow and can be worn up to 8 hours. Lily Cup One has an extra-firm double rim that makes opening and sealing it easy and quick.


13 reviews for Period Cup Compact Lily

  1. Liv G.

    My first period cup and I will never go back to disposables!

  2. Freya B.

    Great menstrual cup and easy to use

  3. Grace I.

    This cup is so secure I love it.

  4. Faith A.

    I love the loop at the end!

  5. Tricia B.

    Makes me feel so protected on my period!

  6. Ruth K.

    I am greatly amazed by how easy it fits and how simple it is to remove.

  7. Miriam B.

    Literally the best cup, and I have just started to use it!

  8. Ariel S.

    SO impressed by this one!

  9. Stevie

    As a first time user, this menstrual cup is amazing . The ring makes me feel secure, and I have experienced no leaks!

  10. Sandy

    super flexible and i like that there are no harmful chemicals in it

  11. Christina

    the double rim is everything!! I really never have to worry anymore.

  12. Dora

    I feel so protected and I am glad I chose this one for me. I have always been scared of menstrual cups but this one is amazing,

  13. Sloane D

    Lovely menstrual cup, I can also clean it very easily and store it easily.

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