PMS Relief Herbal Elixir

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Handcrafted in Tucson by Bhava Wellness.

Eases both the physical and emotional symptoms that may occur before and during menstruation, including irritability, mood swings, cramps, breast tenderness, headache, acne, and digestive disturbance.

Bhava Wellness swears by this formula, which contains a unique combination of herbs chosen specifically for their effectiveness and their synergistic actions.

This helpful little formula addresses the underlying mechanisms of PMS, when taken for the entire second half of the cycle over several months, many women eventually don’t need it at all.


30 reviews for PMS Relief Herbal Elixir

  1. Brie M.

    Completely helped my severe period symptoms. This is such a wonderful product

  2. Priya H.

    I love the natural ingredients. They work so well together, and I felt so much better after using this.

  3. P. Van Dijk

    This is amazing! It worked after 10 minutes and it noticed a huge difference in my terrible cramps and pain!

  4. Fria S.

    This works so great for me, even on the days before my period starts

  5. Georgia V.

    Never leave without this when I am on my period!

  6. Rachel M.

    I often have the worst cramps but not anymore since I’ve found this

  7. Mia C.

    So easy to use and all natural!!!

  8. Kate P.

    Forever in my bag! This is one of my favorite products!

  9. Fiona M.

    This elixir definitely works better than other medicines I used to use.

  10. Kyra A.

    Using this is so simple and I always feel the results soon!

  11. Christine B.

    I love naturalness of this elixir since I know what I’m putting into my body is good for me

  12. Marie H.

    I use this repeatedly and it never fails me.

  13. Liyana G.

    So glad I found this!! You can tell it was made with care :)

  14. Nadia G.

    Whenever I feel symptoms of my period coming, I use this and it takes everything away!

  15. Ashley D.

    A really great product I truly use it all the time when on my period!

  16. Gracie H.

    Helps my symptoms instantly!

  17. Marin I.

    The best ingredients, so natural and simple

  18. Lina K.

    I use this and it works within minutes!

  19. Katie H.

    I am so impressed with this elixir, its my favorite

  20. Paula D.

    Wonderful product I am obsessed!

  21. Fran G.

    The greatest medicine for my period!

  22. Kira A.

    This elixir is wonderful, I really feel better when I have cramps or cannot sleep. It is easy to drop in my mouth and the ingredients are so natural

  23. Lorelai N.

    I think this elixir is my favorite, I use it twice a day when I have my period symptoms and they feel so much better. I will definitely repurchase.

  24. Mikela

    I do not go anywhere without this when I have my period, it is always with me

  25. Sarah B.

    This elixir surprised me I love that it is organic and good for me!

  26. Paula M.

    Without fail, this elixir has saved the day for me many times.

  27. Emily G.

    I wish I’ve bought this sooner! It is really amazing !

  28. Luna M.

    I am thrilled to have found a product so great! It is the best alleviator I have ever used!

  29. Dina B.

    Perfect for on the go relief

  30. Nona G.

    I am always in hand with this when i have my period, it is actually the best

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