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Unleash the power of scientifically backed pelvic fitness with the KegelSmart™ 2, a revolutionary pelvic floor trainer. Clinically proven to double your pelvic strength in just 12 weeks, KegelSmart™ 2 goes beyond strength enhancement. Not only does it promote enhanced bladder control, but it also improves vaginal tightness and tone. By utilizing touch sensors, it registers your pelvic strength and determines your exercise level.

Additionally, the intelligent biofeedback program automatically adjusts the level as your strength improves. Moreover, developed with gynecologists, this pelvic floor trainer is made with the smoothest medical-grade ABS silicone, ensuring it is 100% body-safe. Equipped with a rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery with 200mAh, along with a charger, KegelSmart™ 2 is ready to transform your pelvic health comprehensively.

Why You Should Use a Pelvic Floor Trainer

Using KegelSmart™ 2 offers numerous benefits for your pelvic health. First, it’s clinically proven to double your pelvic strength in just 12 weeks, providing noticeable improvements quickly. Moreover, it enhances bladder control, reducing the risk of incontinence. Additionally, this pelvic floor trainer improves vaginal tightness and tone, contributing to better sexual sensitivity and satisfaction.

The device uses intelligent biofeedback to tailor the exercises to your current strength level, ensuring effective and progressive workouts. Furthermore, developed with gynecologists, it guarantees a safe and medically sound approach to pelvic fitness. Its smooth, medical-grade ABS silicone construction provides comfort and ensures body safety.

With a rechargeable battery and included charger, this pelvic floor trainer is both convenient and easy to use. Embrace the benefits of stronger pelvic muscles, enhanced bladder control, and improved sexual health with KegelSmart™ 2. Try it today and experience the transformative impact on your pelvic fitness.


2 reviews for Pelvic Floor Trainer

  1. Jessica D.

    A great investment, I’m thrilled with my results!

  2. Mia K.

    Super discreet and powerful. This has made such a difference for me!!

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