Uterine On the Go Heating Presses

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Nyssa Care Uterine On the Go Heating Presses – three uniquely contoured, air-activated heat presses that each deliver hours of relief from period or endometriosis pain— like traveling heating pads that are sleek and wearable! They easily slip inside the pocket of any Nyssa underwear or leggings or feature an adhesive back to be worn with any undergarment.


3 air-activated uterine heat presses. One-time use.

  • Extra-long, contoured shape to sit below that natural curvature of a woman’s belly and deliver targeted heat therapy to the uterus and ovaries, allowing free movement and comfort while sitting.
  • Lightweight and less than 0.15 in/ 0.38 cm in thickness.
  • Stays in place inside the front pocket of any Nyssa underwear, with the added security and flexibility of adhesive backing.

Also recommended for use postpartum, post-surgery, or any time your body needs a little TLC.


13 reviews for Uterine On the Go Heating Presses

  1. Gaby H.

    These are so convenient for me I will always be using them!

  2. Kate L.

    I am so happy I bought these for when I need them on the go. I love how discreet they are.

  3. Caroline H.

    I use it for my endometriosis pain and it does wonders! These are so amazing

  4. Ella H.

    Love how they fit under my clothes!

  5. Lola H.

    So light and comfy, I always use them!!

  6. Hilary J.

    The shape of it fits so perfectly and the heating always makes me feel better

  7. Gabby M.

    Super warm and efficient!

  8. Jackie O.

    I love how light they are, they also lasted me all day which is what I really need

  9. Khyla N.

    Extremely impressed by the heat in these!

  10. Ellie S.

    These last me all day , I am so happy

  11. Beatrice A.

    Instant heat and relief!!

  12. Isabella R.

    Just used one and I have to say they are amazing!

  13. Kyra P.

    I always use these! They make me feel so much better!

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