PMS Relief Heating Pads

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Individually Wrapped Heating Patches To Soothe Period Cramps

Forget about menstrual cramps, fast and natural, without pills! Stick the patch where it hurts and enjoy up to 8 hours without cramps! Plus, it’s so thin that you can wear it anywhere and anytime!

One box contains 3 pads.


36 reviews for PMS Relief Heating Pads

  1. Ria T

    i’ve been wearing these nonstop for my pain and it helps so much!

  2. Kim P.

    Wow I love how thin and and comfy these are

  3. Hope L.

    These last all day I love it!!

  4. Greta U.

    I used to have terrible pains but now I don’t need to worry anymore, I also love that it’s ecofriendly

  5. Roos H.

    This is AMAZING! They truly give warmth for 6-8 hours and directly target my painful cramps.

  6. Elizaveta S. (verified owner)

    The heating pads are amazing! They warm my skin very nicely! I feel the warmth the most when I’m sitting down. I’m so happy I don’t have cramps and I haven’t even had a pill!!!

  7. Boni L.

    Organic and user friendly!! I’m so happy with the pads. It really helps with the pain!

  8. Esme T.

    I finally don’t have to walk around with a warm water bottle. This has better results and it can fit under every outfit!

  9. Karin W.

    You need to get this now!! Wow, it’s so helpful!! And the 6-8h is so true!

  10. Talitha V.

    Yesss!! Finally something that truly works. I use it on my first days of period. You know, those days that you don’t want to do anything. This actually helps to make sure you’re able to do your day-to-day tasks.

  11. Kelly K (verified owner)

    Wow! These pads are amazing! It really helps with the pain on the first days of your period

  12. Iris D.

    These are wonderful! They actually make me able to go about my daily life with no pain.

  13. Riah D.

    They last so long I love it! So worth it!

  14. Jayda I.

    The heating is amazing!! You really feel the warmth and they are discreet!

  15. Bria E.

    Super thin and wearable all day!

  16. Sara O.

    I couldn’t believe how well these worked! The naturalness is also amazing!

  17. Caitlyn U.

    These are just magical. I always feel better.

  18. Kya O.

    one of a kind product! I love how long they last.

  19. Evelyn L.

    I cannot explain how much these have helped me. You need to try them!

  20. Bea V.

    So convenient and warm :)

  21. Raine V.

    This has helped my pain tremendously!

  22. Gina S.

    These heating pads are so thin and stay warm for my whole day!

  23. Rasha K.

    I was really happy to discover these, I think they are the warmest ones and they always help my symptoms when I need to get through my day.

  24. Nessa D.

    I make sure I have multiple of these in stock, it is just too good. They are perfect and great for sustainability.

  25. Rosie T.

    Incredible heating pads!The wear time on these is so long!

  26. Anne R.

    I cannot emphasize how much they help me. I used to have the worst cramps but these are very good

  27. Eden

    Once I use one of these, it only takes a few minutes for me to feel better. Its truly amazing.

  28. Aida

    I like these heating pads they are very comfortable surprisingly

  29. Paula

    These make me feel great! Often I have the worst pains but this has made it much more bearable!

  30. Mira

    Enroush is my favorite brand, they are so sustainable and comfortable, every product is fantastic

  31. Mara

    These heating pads are special!

  32. Dena

    I always come back to these, they actually last over 8 hours! It is insane

  33. Carrie

    I buy these for my friends now and they love it, they ease cramps so quickly with heat.

  34. Hallie

    Very thin so it fits under clothes, I use it all day at the office when I am really struggling.

  35. Kaia

    Enroush is my favorite brand to buy from, they are ethical and their products are genuine.

  36. Eden

    Amazed by the quality of these heating pads. They are phenomenal.

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